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New York - Munich - Portland - San Francisco - Seattle - Stockholm - Vancouver - Zurich

Sears Point October 27-28, 2001
NASA Pro Racing HPDE
(High Performance Driving Event)

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We took so many photographs,
we had to put them on separate pages!

NOTE:  We didn't edit these photos much, since some members have said that they wanted to see every image of their car.  Go figure...  :-)  So we've even included several photos which were less than perfect.  Some shots were taken with long lenses from almost 1/2 mile away (through haze and dust), a couple were blurry from the speed of the action, and a few others (shot on film), were grainy & color-glitched by a cheapie film lab.  Fortunately, most of the photos were digital - they turned out just great!


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Team3S Cars
Photos of Team3S Cars on the Track - Team3S Parade Laps

Our Cars (and Us) In the Pits
Team3S Cars - Geoff & Nissa's Speedtoys Trailer - Repairs - Sittin' Around

Group Photos of Team3S Cars
Say "Cheese" - We lined 'em up, but Ken's car was MIA

Partying at the NASA Barbecue
Food, Drink, & More Food

Speedtoys Cars & Other Friends
Nissa's RX-7 TT - Ken & Geoff's Lingenfelter Trans Am - Geoff's MR-S
The Lamborghini - The Ferrari - The Corvettes

Photos and Videos on the Speedtoys Website
Speedtoys and Team3S Cars - Geoff's In-Car Videos

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