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Welcome to the Team3S Website - for owners of Stealth and 3000GT high-performance "Grand Touring" cars.  This site is the "public face" of our private Team3S international mailing list, which we maintain for folks who are interested in learning about the Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT.  We are trying to assemble as much information here as possible..., about the incredible (and occasionally mystifying) technology that makes our cars so wonderfully unique.  This is where our members exchange information about maintenance and modifications, recalls and racing, detailing and details about these fine vehicles that we are so fortunate and proud to own.  Over 1300 people from 56 countries have signed up for our free list, and thousands visit this website every month.  We invite you to join us. 

Peruse our website at your leisure, and read all about how we've dealt with common problems, maintenance, and making our cars even faster.  There's a wealth of information on a wide variety of subjects on our FAQ pages. And if you need a part for your Stealth or 3000GT, click the link below to access our on-line parts software, the Mitsubishi CAPS program. We invite you to send us your ideas and input about your own successes.  Subscribe to our FREE international Team3S mailing list and discuss your problems with the other owners.  Instructions and an application are on our Rules Page, linked below.  Please feel free to contact any of the Team3S Administrators with your questions.  We are owners just like you, who volunteer our time to keep this website and our list running smoothly. 

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Features of our Website:

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Start HERE for an Index to tons of information on 200+ pages...

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How to Subscribe & Unsubscribe from our free Team3S List,
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Over 1300 pages of information from our daily list discussions,
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THE full Mitsubishi dealer CAPS program, found ONLY at the Team3S website...

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Over 200 links to dealers of new and used parts, listed by state...

red bullet   Team3S members' "Track Reports"
Become involved in "Gentleman Racing" (Ladies, too!).  It's Safe, Sane, & Sexy!
Our racing school & road racing experiences at tracks around the world.

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How Team3S came about, other lists, "who's who" in the "3S" world...

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