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Bob Forrest:  NASA - HPDE, October 27 & 28, 2001
National Auto Sport Association (NASA)
"High Performance Driving Event", Sears Point, CA

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A fabulous time was had by all!  Weather held out and we had a terrific turnout for the NASA HPDE (high performance driving event) at Sears Point on Saturday/Sunday.  Many Team3S members had done this before - a couple were doing HPDE for the first time.  We were joined by Team3S Admin Geoff Mohler's Speedtoys folks, many of whom we have run with at previous events.

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Our Team3S cars were just plain IMPRESSIVE!  Sears Point is a really complex track, and misleading in it's difficulty.  After a slow start on Saturday for ALL cars (damp weather Friday night, lots of construction dust to get rid of, cold track, cold tires...), our cars really began to shine out there, and by Sunday, even 'turbo conservatives' Jim Berry ('93 TT) and Ann Koch ('94 TT) were eating up Porsches and Vettes pretty easily.  Of the non-turbos, Kurt Zobel ('96 3000GT NT) proved finally that his car probably IS faster than ours ('94 Stealth NT) - I didn't run next to him, but HE was able to keep up with Geoff, although G had a passenger, and he *was* filming.  But I know that I can't keep up with Geoff!  Eileen *did* manage to pass Kurt once or twice in our car, so *maybe* our cars are pretty similar after all...  Nice car Kurt!  My WRX buddy came around for about 4 seconds and then went to run in Group 4 with some other friends who were at the track that day - just as well, since we had run out of parking spaces...

Damon Rachell ('93 VR4) picked up the line really early and he and GF Meredith were just *sailing* around the track all weekend.  A couple of Damon's "Vette" friends joined us-- Damian & Heidi (Saturday) and Chris(?) and Melissa (Sunday).  Ken Middaugh ('91 TT, 135k miles) had 'the line' figured out and was ripping around Turn 8A when unfortunately, one of his pistons ripped back - megabummer.  His dad drove up from the Southland for the long tow home.  Ken called it an "opportunity" to upgrade!  :-)  Jim Elferdink is one of the more experienced drivers, and even while getting to know his new '95 VR4, he was out near the front of the pack with each run.  Rick Pierce is another veteran driver and he knew his '92 VR4 wasn't quite ready for the track so he was passenger with each of us to give us tips and learn the new track configuration for next time...

From the Speedtoys camp, Ken & Geoff's supercharged Lingenfelter Trans AM and Jay Cena's Lamborghini Diablo (both ~700 hp), and a gorgeous Ferrari 360 Modena were *stunning* pieces of exotic machinery, and really ate up the track!  For performance in the nimble-as-hell, under-300-horse category, Geoff's MR-S and Nissa's RX7 TT were *stars* all weekend.

NASA knew that we had a large group, so they blocked off an entire section for us in the Paddock right near the hot pits (150' x 40').  All of us gathered around Geoff/Nissa's huge Speedtoys trailer.  We were right on top of the start-up action, and we can't say enough nice things about the NASA programs, their people, their professionalism, and the way that they treated us.  If you have a NASA program near you..., or even *not so near* - some of the Team3S folks drove 400+ miles to join us(!)..., we recommend that you try out HPDE.  Their website is  To enable us to get some photos of our cars, NASA gave us our own parade lap (just Team3S/Speedtoys cars!) on Saturday, and we led off the parade lap on Sunday.  We took lots of photos, so check 'em out HERE!

In way of a "Thank You" to NASA, we hosted their BBQ on Saturday night. They provided the food & beverages (strictly "first cabin" fare), and we provided the man/woman power. Geoff can flip a burger almost as well as he can drive... :-) The Northern California Chapter of NASA works closely with us, and we intend to continue to support them as well. NASA is having the last HPDE of the year at Sears Point on December 1/2. (I'll post details separately). Once again, Geoff and the rest of us will be helping NASA out with the BBQs. So for anyone within driving distance, come join us for more fun!

---   Bob Forrest, '94 Stealth NT

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