How to use CAPS program to find OEM part numbers for your car.

Last revised 11/03/01

Get  a copy of  CAPS program here:

This will take a long time to download.  The CAPS program is dealer parts program.  It is a great way to find the OEM part number for ANY part on your car.

The following information was provided by Michael Reid
To find a part for your car:
Enter a vin # that you are looking for or you can search
by model.  To do this, double click the Model box and
choose the model you want.  

    Some Vehicle Model Designations:
90-94 DSM's
1.8L SOHC DSM                         = D21A/MNJEL4*(M/E/P)
2.0L DOHC DSM                         = D22A/MNHML4
2.0L DOHC Turbo DSM                = D22A/MNHFL4
2.0L DOHC Turbo AWD DSM       = D27A/MNGFL4

    91-92 Galants
2.0L DOHC GALANT                    = E33A
2.0L DOHC AWD AWS G-Vr4       = E39A

    95-99 DSM's
2.0 420A(NT) DSM (BASE/LOWLINE)  = D31A/MNSML4*(M/E)
2.0 420A(NT) DSM (RS)                      = D31A/MNJML4
2.0 420A(NT) DSM (GS)                      = D31A/MNHML4
2.0 DOHC Turbo DSM                         = D32A/MNGFL4
2.0 DOHC Turbo AWD DSM                = D33A/MNGFL4
2.0 DOHC Turbo DSM (Spyder)           = D38A/BNGFL4
2.4 DOHC DSM (Spyder)                    = D39A/BNJEL4
Change all "N"s to "R"s for A/T versions.

*Change the last DIGIT (4) to "9" for California
and "5" for Canadian DSM's (ALL YEARS)

    ALL 3000GT (Stealth's similar)
3.0 DOHC N/T 2WD                       = Z11A
3.0 DOHC Turbo/AWD                   = Z15A
3.0 DOHC Turbo/AWD/AWS           = Z16A

Next, double click
the CLASSIFICATION box and look for your car,

Next, double click
the ILLUSTRATION box and look for the part you
want under the categories.

You can also enter part of a part name in the

How to Find a part for a different model year.  
This came in handy when I was doing 4-bolt main conversion and I was trying to compare  parts between a 91 and a 93 model Year

To figure out which parts are date of manufacture dependent, when you start CAPS, do NOT enter a VIN.
Instead click in the "Vehicle Name Code" box and select "3000GT" or code 53H.

Next click on the "Model" box and select:
    "Z11A" for a front-wheel drive model
    "Z16A" for a TT with AWS
    "Z15A" for a TT without AWS.
Next, click on the "Classification" box and make a selection. For a Z16A you have the following choices:
     BJGFL7M    - Spyder
    MJGFL2M    - 94-99 Federal Emissions
    MJGFL7M    - 94-99 California Emissions
    MNGFL2M    - 91-93 Federal Emissions
    MNGFL7M    - 91-93 California Emissions
(BTW, Dodge Stealth equivalents end in a 'D' instead of an 'M', and
Canadian cars have a '3' instead of a '2' or '7'.)
Now when you search for a part and select it, you'll be shown the
part numbers for all dates of manufacture ranges if there are any
For example, for a timing belt for a Z16A I see only one replacement
part number (MD193874) but 5 date ranges and model combinations:
(the date ranges may overlap & I've no idea why it doesn't use the
model/classification code entered)
9004.1 - 9205.1        All
9205.2 - 9405.3        All
9405.1 - 9505.3        BJGFL7M
9406.1 - 9505.3        MJGFL2M MJGFL7M*
9506.1 - (end)          All
Doing it this way without a VIN, or using a Stealth VIN will cause
occasional error messages
to pop up, but they can be ignored.
How to interpret date codes:

I believe 9706.1 means the first third (the first 10 days ?) of June 1997.
The numbers
after the decimal point are always either 1, 2 or 3. I half-seriously
wonder if the
Japanese use metric weeks of 10 days... :)
Other CAPS tips:

Use  to pop up the illustration once you have put the cursor on an item in a list (say after using Part Name to find a list of parts.)

Also, the user can use the left and right arrows in the menu bar once an illustration appears to see other related illustrations (however, sometimes there is just one). I happen to have a hardcopy of the Mitsu 3000GT parts catalog ('91-'94 only). It is basically identical to the CAPS.    

A special Thanks to Jeff Lucius for the additional tips.


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