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The Mitsubishi C.A.P.S. Program
[Computerized Automatic Parts Search]

How to find ANY part for a Stealth or 3000GT

Courtesy of Vineet Singh

In way of thanks, here's an unabashed "plug" for Vineet's
3/S and DSM Manuals on CDROM

Thanks to Oleg Resnik for the JapSpec & EuroSpec CAPS!
He sent them to us all the way from Latvia!
Check out Oleg's web page HERE

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This is an HUGE program, and we want to thank Vineet for undertaking such a massive project.  Our thanks also go to Jeff Mohler for providing another 100 MB on his server for this part of the Team3S site.  There are full directions below, but to use this program, you must download all 21 parts - over 100 MB in total size (!), and expand it to install it on your computer.  Obviously, you'll need an high-speed connection to make this practical, since each part is around 5 MB.

IMPORTANT notes about downloading:

PLEASE, only download what your connection can support - ONE file at a time.  We will *permanently* block out anyone who tries to download ALL the files at once.  Look... if you have a 56K modem, you're NOT getting 56k x 20 if you try to download 20 files at once!  You're only getting 1/20th the speed from *each* of 20 connections, and it's still going to take you 8.5 hours (probably longer because of the extra strain on our server)!  Similarly, if you have mega-DSL, and you are annoyed at only getting T1 speeds from the server, opening 20 more connections won't make things go any faster.  But it might slow them down...  Then again, if we see the bottleneck, you won't get them at all...  Be a good "netizen"!  Download only ONE file at a time!

Jap.-Spec & Euro-Spec CAPS are also available!

We also have the European Spec and the Japanese Spec versions of the CAPS program available, but it will not be available to the public.  It will be available to Team3S members ONLY.  The Euro Spec version is one CD (compressed into zip files) and the Japanese Spec version is 5 CDs (compressed into zip files).

If you wish to receive either of these programs, please email the Admin by clicking below.

Please fill in your name and car and why you need the program...!

Euro Spec CAPS
Japanese Spec CAPS

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486 or higher CPU

500 MB of Free Space

16MB of RAM

Windows or Win95+

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Special Note!:

We USED to offer the files for download right ON this page!

Although we were very clear (above) about only downloading ONE file at a time, the "SELFISH" among us insisted on ignoring our request, and in doing so, almost crashed our server.  Because of them, we have had to move the files to another directory!  The ONLY way to find out what that directory is will be to contact the Team3S Admin.  Apologies for the extra work; (it's extra work for us too!) - Let's give a special "Thanks" to the MORONS out there who make the rest of us suffer!

To request the NEW location of the US Spec CAPS program files
please email the Team3S Admin by clicking below.

Please give us your name, car/model/year, and why you need the program...!
If you own a Stealth or 3000GT, please tell us!


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US Spec CAPS Directions (Please follow them *exactly*!):

Important Note!
Here are the OLD locations of the files!
You will NEED these when you find out the NEW location of the files!

1.  Find or create an empty directory (folder) on your computer. Download the zip file, "CAPS.ZIP" into that folder.  (Either Click the hyperlink and choose "save to disk" into the new directory, or Right-Click the hyperlinked file and choose "save file as..." [CAPS.ZIP] into that directory).

2.  In Windows Explorer, Double-Click the "CAPS.ZIP" file, which will extract the enclosed file, "CAPS.EXE".  Delete the original file, "CAPS.ZIP".

3.  Download the other 20 files into that directory BEFORE running the EXE file.

4.  What you will now have is a directory that looks something like this:

Directory of C:\CAPS:

CAPS. EXE 5000000
CAPS. R00 5000000
CAPS. R01 5000000
CAPS. R02 5000000
CAPS. R03 5000000
CAPS. R04 5000000
CAPS. R05 5000000
CAPS. R06 5000000
CAPS. R07 5000000
CAPS. R08 5000000
CAPS. R09 5000000
CAPS. R10 5000000
CAPS. R11 5000000
CAPS. R12 5000000
CAPS. R13 5000000
CAPS. R14 5000000
CAPS. R15 5000000
CAPS. R16 5000000
CAPS. R17 5000000
CAPS. R18 5000000
CAPS. R19 2110610

The number on each line is the size in bytes.  If you have a different sized file(s), or have a corrupt one, just download that file(s) again.  For those of you who are interested in or familiar with filesize checking software, we have included the latest version of the popular "SFV Check" software, SFV Builder for Windows 95/98/NT/2k, at the end of this page.  For your convenience, we have included the CRC checksums, as well.

5.  Double click the CAPS.EXE file, and it will ask you where you want to unzip the install file, "SETUP.EXE".  Pick a directory (can be the default), and then wait for it to decompress the single large 100mb+ file.

6.  Double click "SETUP.EXE" to install.  Once installed, you can go ahead and delete the above files, but keep the SETUP.EXE file in case your CAPS installation gets messed up, or you need to install to another PC.

7.  To USE the CAPS program, install it, and you will be able to read a "readme" right from your start menu.

8.  For HELP, go HERE.

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File-Checking Utility

SFV Builder for Windows 95/98/NT/2k

View the SFV Builder ReadMe File

Download SFV Builder (840k Zip File)

CRC Values

(Generated by pdSFV/WIN on 7/19/00 at 2:09:15 PM)

caps.exe 52B40EBC

caps.r00 01F9FB98
caps.r01 0035EEB8
caps.r02 728B9B5F
caps.r03 E852C8A8
caps.r04 291C5311
caps.r05 D976CA6D
caps.r06 DC865912
caps.r07 62B5E580
caps.r08 B61F69A6
caps.r09 A3EC00F0


caps.r10 91A13D16
caps.r11 7211BEFC
caps.r12 72E3372C
caps.r13 3C6681C5
caps.r14 E8DE1721
caps.r15 6439F7CC
caps.r16 69A9046F
caps.r17 338D5074
caps.r18 B88AFFBB
caps.r19 B3899EF5

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