Drill Stations

Below are the four drill stations from this year's Autocross school. The orange squares represent cones, and the lines represent a car's typical path during the drill. The lines are color-coded according to what you'd be doing in a typical run at that point on the course. The lines' positions and their colors are approximate**. I've intentionally left the lines a little off of the cones for clarity, but when you're out there driving, you generally want to be almost touching the cones as you drive by them. Depending on your vehicle's acceleration, braking, and handling ability, your lines may be slightly different than my lines. I have a heavy, high-power, all-wheel drive car; if you have stripped Datsun 510 on slicks, your lines will be different... but you will still have fun :-) You can click on each station below for the specifics of that drill, what the lines were like, and what skills I practiced and learned there. Also, when the diagrams mention "braking," that doesn't necessarily mean using your brakes - it can mean just not using the throttle. Either way will slow you down, one faster than the other :-) Similarly, the "steering" lines mean that you're trying to use the car's full cornering ability, which will involve using the throttle just enough to maintain your current speed.

** Note: Due to the limitations of the software I used and the amount of time I was willing to spend making these maps, they are not accuate down to the last pixel, so please don't e-mail me saying, "On station 1, the arc by cone 5 should be yellow for the return path and orange for the path headed away from the start - you're WRONG!" Ok, yeah, you win; that's true. If you see something grossly wrong with my lines or the colors, please let me know - I do want them to be reasonably accurate.

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