Front Active Aero Removal And Disassembly - 1995 3000GT VR-4

These instructions apply to a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, but are easily transferable to any year of AWD 3000GT. They are not applicable to the FWD models, Dodge Stealths, or any VR-4 from the 1997 model year onward.

The Procedure

[optional] Raise Front End of Car
  You may find this helpful if you haven't done this before.


[Disassembly Only] Remove Driver's Side Access Panel
  It's held on by four 10mm bolts.


[Disassembly Only] Remove Passenger's Side Access Panel
  One is held on like the driver's side panel, and the other only has 2 bolts.


Remove Front Jacking Point Access Panel
  It's in the middle of the air dam and held on by two 12-mm bolts.


Remove 12mm Bolts From Air Dam
  There are five 12mm bolts scattered throughout the bottom of the air dam - remove these.


Remove Recessed Bolts In Front of Air Dam
  There are seven 12mm bolts that are recessed into the metal bar toward the front of the air dam. Only the outer four bolts (two on each side) need to be removed to remove the air dam. The central three bolts must be removed to disassemble the air dam.


Remove Trim Clips
  There are four (two per side) trim clips that anchor the air dam to the wheel splash guards. They are accessible through the wheel wells. The plastic screw must be carefully turned CCW until it protrudes about 1/4" (or more) and then the clip can be pulled out.


Remove Outer Bolts
  There are four (two per side) 10mm bolts directly in front of the wheels that hold the air dam to the front fascia..


Remove Air Dam
  At this point, the air dam should be completely unattached to the car and, with some maneuvering, you should be able to lower it from the car and completely remove it.


Disassembled Air Dam (another view)
  This is the surface that normally faces the engine.


View of Active Aero Motor
  This is the passenger's side attachment point for the front of the air dam.


Driver's Side Attachment Point
  This is the driver's side attachment point for the front of the air dam. Up is toward the front of the car.

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