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Team3S Digest       Wednesday, December 2 1998       Volume 01 : Number 038


Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 07:05:11 -0500
From: "Bob Fontana" <bfontana@securitytechnologies.com>
Subject: RE: Team3S: Need help identifying part

With Mike's and Barry's help, we figured out what those bushings are -- they
go around the bolts that connect the shift cables to the shift cable bracket
which attaches to the bell housing.  Thanks.

- -Bob

> Hi all.  I ended up with only 3 parts left over in my whole rebuild.
> They are these rubber coated washers that I had put into a
> freezer bag along
> with the 2 shifter cable cotter pins and labeled it "Shifter
> cables".  Well,
> when I try to put even one of these washer/bushing things on to the shift
> lever attached to the gearbox, it takes up so much room (side to
> side) that
> I can't get the cotter pin on.  It doesn't press fit into the
> shifter cable
> end itself (or doesn't seem to).  I was wondering if you remember
> where they
> go.  Also, the fact that there were only 3 rather than 4 is sort of
> odd...did I (or some previous flunkie) lose one?
> The washer itself has a flat part like a normal washer but then has a
> smaller ring around the center on just one side that looks like
> it ought to
> press fit into the shift cable end.  The outer edge of the washer
> is covered
> with rubber.
> -Bob
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Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 09:54:37 EST
From: Aso8@aol.com
Subject: Re: Team3S: Re: AFC vs. VPC

I'm also using the VPC (alone no GCC) with 550cc injectors for street & strip
At my street setting of 1 bar the car runs perfect and is very civilized. For
the track setting of 1.6 bars I found it necessary to upgrade the ECU (GT
Alleys ECU). It performs extremely well with the new ECU for both street &
strip. Really, very happy with it.
Arty 91 VR-4

In a message dated 11/30/98 5:51:25 PM Pacific Standard Time, xwing@execpc.com

<< Subj: Team3S: Re: AFC vs. VPC
 Date: 11/30/98 5:51:25 PM Pacific Standard Time
 From: xwing@execpc.com (xwing)
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 R.G. wrote:
 > > Apex'i AFC and the HKS VPC?
 > > Why is it that everyone seems to be only using the AFC?
 > Cost ! AFC "only" $260 while VPC around $800!
 > Of course you'll also get speed converted system then; AFC keeps
 > restrictive stock MAS.
 > > What pros and cons of these units?
 > AFC cheapest/easiest fuel adjustment part available. Easy to tune
 > in as it only intercepts the MAS signal and converts it on rpm basis.
 > is very WOT related; my results were good there. I have no bad
 > experience it does not give all what is needed.
 > VPC and MASC both remove restrictive stock MAS. VPC
 > converts to speed density while MASC still air-density. The latter
 > is maybe better for all-day driven cars while VPC is very track-oriented. I
 > think the VPC is also useable on the street with proper tuning-in and the
 > of the GCC or GCC II.  I think
 > reprogramming VPC EPROM for each new mod is too much
 > Roger Gerl, Switzerland
 I have good experience/success with VPC+GCC.  Part of reason AFC is used
 is that for 94+ the VPC can't be used unless modified (different molex
 connectors on 94+).  I don't know of anyone who has put VPC on 94+,
 prolly someone has.   VPC does get rid of restrictive MAS device, so
 improving output of turbo (higher pressure available to inlets of turbo
 compressors).  The stock computer uses the O2 sensors to adjust the mix
 when at partthrottle, so any adjustments you make with it (OR with an
 AFC or MASC) are partly ignored by ECU computer...AFC can adjust SO wide
 a range it can go outside stock computer's adjust RANGE which is why
 people can 'shut the engine off' by leaning AFC out so badly at idle
 etc.  BUT the main place these adjusts come into play is at wideopen
 throttle, when computer is ignoring O2 sensor and only running on
 internal map, so VPC/AFC/MASC settings are used in their
 purest/unadulterated-by-O2 sensor-adjustments form.
 The VPC works well on the street.  My car drives normally like any other
 car, except for the occasional wandering idle speed.  It also works
 great for racing; you can also speak to Dave Buschur at
 Buschurracing.com who always has, and continues to, swear by the VPC as
 his fuel management device of choice for DSM's.  Todd Day's datalogger
 would be a great thing to have...  I have never had to change chips for
 different mods.  I got one chip which was 'leaner' and one that is
 Jack Tertadian
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Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 19:49:37 +0100
From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Mikael_=C5kesson?= <vr4@bahnhof.se>
Subject: RE: Team3S: RE: Anti-lag devices (WAS: Engine control system)

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The device/funtion I talk about (for full boost at start) is combination =
of software/ECU and a mod that you to to the intake/trottle body. It's =
an electro magnetic switch that works almost like a BOV but the other =
way around. When waiting for start the boost build up against a "plate" =
before the trottle body. During this time the air that goes in to the =
motor is regulated so only atmospheric pressure is obtained. Then when =
the clutch is released the electro magnetic switch let the builded up =
boost pass into the engine and off you go. The computer/ecu holds the =
RPM at a preset value before the clutch is released. This is a "start =
only" and is used by almost all rally cross cars in europe.=20

This is not the same type of system that Barry and Roger is talking =
about. The so called bang-bang system that are used on rally cars to =
keep the boost up during shifts and braking is not funtional on a street =
car. As Barry said with a bang-bang system the exhaust will only hold on =
to the punichment for a few minutes.=20

I will provide more info as soon as I have more information about the =
system and all it's components. I would be glad if you all can send me =
your "wish lists" on things that you want to have in the system. For =
example: is it a good thing to have boost control or do we all want to =
continue with our boost controlers that easily can be changed without a =

I don't have all information so please let me hear all your suggestions.

file://Mikael Akesson http://www.bahnhof.se/~vr4

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Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 01:14:29 -0800
From: "Errin D. Humphrey" <errin@u.washington.edu>
Subject: Re: Team3S: Turbo advice...

Chris Winkley wrote:

> Second, I want to thank Ying Hau Wang, Erin, and friends for the hospitality
> last night. Sadly enough Hau is departing for Brazil this morning. I can't say I've
> ever
> met a group of young folks so knowledgeable about our cars, or so polite and
> helpful. Hau's departure brings sadness, but he's headed off to be engaged.
> I wish him the best of everything.
> Erin, please send me your e-mail address, so we can keep in touch about
> tires/wheels and further exhaust mods.

Chris, it was a great pleasure for me to meet you too.  :-)  You should
all know that Chris Winkley is a great guy.  He's a candid fellow with
a good sense of humor, an enthusiasm for our cars, and an intelligent
outlook on many things.  His girlfriend Terry is also very friendly.  There
was a bit of joking about the slight age difference between our age
groups (naive low-20-somethings vs. thoughtful 30-plussers), but you
should know, Chris, that it made no difference to me.  Where you are
in life matters much less than how you live it.  ^_^

- --Errin Humphrey

"Play it, Sam.  Play .. 'As Time Goes By.'"
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Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 07:28:48 PST
From: "Zentelis none" <zentelis@hotmail.com>
Subject: Team3S: Re: Team3S Digest V1 #37

This may be the most irritating and amatuer question I could ask, but
what would be the best place (web page?) to get Stealth upgrades? I
looked through Nexus Motorsports, but I was wondering what other ones
there are or if there are better ones? I was planning on adding a good
turbo kit, exhaust..the whole 9 yards practically. Thanks :)

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