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Any search will get results if the subject has been covered in our list discussions or on our website.  Please be aware that some search results will list our monthly archives, which are quite large.  You will not need to download these files, since other listings turned up by the search will contain the same material, only in a much smaller daily Digest format.  You can easily tell if you are about to download a monthly archive, because the URL will be a dated zip file, e.g.: "".  Unless you really want to download an entire 1/2Mb file of an entire month of Daily Digests, you can ignore zip files that are listed in the search results.

Please be sure to email your suggestions or report any errors you encounter when using the search feature.


For best results when doing a search of a phrase, as opposed to a single word, be sure to enclose the phrase within quotes!  If you don't, the search will give you results for EACH of the words in the phrase, individually, in addition to giving the location of all instances of the entire phrase.

For example, if you have a problem with your dashboard display ABS light coming on, if you type in the phrase
ABS light, the search engine will give you results for both words individually, and for the phrase itself.  Such a search will turn up 375 pages (!), since it will show all pages where the word ABS appears, all pages where the word light appears, and all pages where the phrase ABS light appears.  On the other hand, if you enter the phrase "ABS light" (in quotes), the search engine will show you results of only 8 pages that contain the entire phrase!  On a website as large as ours, which contains over 900 pages (!), you can see why putting the specific phrase in quotes will save you LOTS of time.

There is another scenario, where a page might have the answer to the question containing, "when the ABS kicks in, the light goes on".  Obviously, since the words are not in order, a search using "ABS light" will not find this page.  Try using the plus sign before each word (+ABS +light) to tell the search engine "find me pages with the word
ABS and the word light " on the same page.

Happy searching!

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