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Philip Glazatov:  Gingerman Raceway, April 12-13, 2002
Private Track Rental & Instruction, Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI
In-Car Videos and Photos by Philip Glazatov
Special thanks to Darren "Flash" Schilberg for converting the Videos!

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The Photos

{ Click the thumbnail photo to see a LARGER version. }

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The Videos (Windows Media Video files)

Video 1
Initial laps (10:15 minutes, 20.7 Megs)

Video 2
A little drift (12 seconds, 430 kb)

Video 3
A short portion of Video 4 (2:35 minutes, 5.1 Megs)

Video 4
Some weird driving early on (6:02 minutes, 12.1 Megs)

Video 5
Reduced rear pressure, now oversteer (23:30 minutes, 47.3 Megs)

Video 6
A short portion of Video 7 (2:25 minutes, 4.9 Megs)

Video 7
Back to original pressure and slightly better driving (17:17 minutes, 34.9 Megs)

This outstanding footage includes:

Weird driving early on

A short part where I go a little sideways

Some better driving. I was just trying to impress Gene M. ;-)

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---   Philip Glazatov, '95 Stealth RT/TT

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