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Rich's Racing Photos, November 4-5, 2000
"My New 'High-Tech' Brake Scoops"

Rich Merritt, Heartland Park, Topeka, Kansas

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Here are my super high-tech brake scoops, made out of  the very latest aerospace plastics. In case you can't read the print, they are Animal Kingdom cups from MacDonalds.

Scoops In Place

They mount in the openings to the left and right of the air dam, and hook up perfectly to 2.5 in. flexible hoses that bring cooling air to the rotors.

Scoops At The Ready...

One problem is the lack of ground clearance, so I only run the scoops at the track. I carry several cups for spares, because any off course excursion or obstruction higher than a matchbox rips them off.

Among the Beasties

Here we are among the beasties on the starting grid. That's a Cobra R to the right of me (the nasty white one).  I need just a little more horsepower to run with that crowd.

Scoops In Place

Here I am, ready to do battle.

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