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FAQ: Transmissions

5-Speed and 6-Speed Gear Ratios

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Q.>>>: What are the gear ratios for the 5-speed transmission? How about for the 6-speed?

A.>>>:      (Assume a Tire Circumference = 6.47 ft.)

5-speed transmission; Rear End Ratio = 3.97:1

1st Gear     3.07
2nd Gear     1.74
3rd Gear     1.10
4th Gear     0.82
5th Gear     0.66

6-speed transmission; Rear End Ratio = 3.87:1

1st Gear     3.27
2nd Gear     1.90
3rd Gear     1.24
4th Gear     0.92
5th Gear     0.73
6th Gear     0.59

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