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FAQ:  DANGER - Nitrous Express
How NOT to use Nitrous Oxide!

Warning by Geoff Mohler

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Nitrous Oxide systems can give racers that "extra edge" that may put them in the winner's circle. Our own Jack T recorded the fastest 1/4 mile time EVER for a Stealth or 3000GT using a Nitrous system. Handled and installed correctly, they are reasonably safe, but this is one system that we should avoid of, IMO...

This example was a badly-installed Nitrous Express kit (not to be confused with the NoS brand). They wired up the heater directly to 12v (not on a temp switch) and left it on. Then they had TWO pressure release vents on - instead of one - which doubled the emergency release pressure. The car owner claims a malfuntioning safety valve/disc/cap. (?) And below you can see the results.

Fortunately the car was garaged, so no one was hurt. This wasn't a 3S car (it was a modded '91 Nissan Maxima owned by Doyle Thomas S. of Ohio). But these photos bear looking at, just so you know what you're dealing with when you consider adding a shot of Nitrous. This was a professional installation on a spotlessly clean engine, with the bottle kept safely (?) in the trunk!

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The trunk lid (& spoiler) was blown halfway through the garage door.
Blown thru garage door, 17k JPG

Both rear quarter panels peeled back like a banana,
rear window blown out, nothing left but the trunk floor.
Peeled back like a banana, 30k JPG

Surveying debris; even Olds '98 six feet away was damaged.
Debris and Olds damage, 17k JPG

Car was pushed outside.
Pushed outside, 11k JPG

Observe what an exploding tank of compressed N-O can do
if it has a malfuntioning safety valve/disc/cap.
Lower right is black cabinet that was blown apart.
Car damage and cabinet, 30k JPG

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