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FAQ:  The Service Manuals

Where to get them...

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If you intend to do any work on your car, having these manuals is a MUST!  The step-by-step instructions in the manuals will save you time, money, and probably pain.  As Team3S Admin Rich Leroy said prior to doing his own "60k" service,  "Probably the most important tool is your service manuals.  Get them.  Cherish them.  These manuals will save you many times their initial cost and prove their worth for the life of your car.  Don't skimp and buy an aftermarket manual...  Get the actual Mitsubishi or Dodge manuals (there are two books in a set)".

'nuff said...

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    "Manuals On CD":

Vineet Singh scanned these pages from the manual himself, and burned them to a CD.  It covers almost everything in all the manuals from the various years, and lots of links and info that isn't in the manuals.  Truly a "Must-Have" item.  Get it from his website:

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    "Daimler-Chrysler Publications":

The "Mopar Manuals" - SERVICE, for engine, chassis and body and ELECTRICAL, are ordered by year of vehicle.  You can request the service publications order form, #84-320-4737 (Rev. 8.98 00M)) to order by mail.  The order location is in Strongsville, Ohio (USA) and is open 8:00 to 4:30 Eastern Standard Time.  People are helpful and delivery is fast...  Phone is 800 890-4038 in the US.  The cost is $59 (plus $6 shipping) for '91-'95 Stealth Service Manuals, amd $90 for the 1996 Stealth Service Manual.  You can also order the owner's manual for '91-'96 Stealth for an additional $10.  The 1991 Stealth Body Repair Manual is $12.

You can also order the manuals on-line on the Chrysler Order Page

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Also, in Ohio, is the Chrysler "Dyment Distribution Service", which is actually the same company as the above...  Their number (at last report) is 1-800-348-4696.  You can also get an owner's manual from the same source, if by chance, you bought the car used and the previous owner lost it.

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    "Mitsubishi Fulfillment":

To order Mitsubishi service manuals, contact:  Mitsubishi Fulfillment Center, 1011 W. Artesia Blvd., Compton, CA 90220.   (310) 764-2550; fax: (800) 345-4549.

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    "Mitsubishi Manuals for Free (?)":

We haven't had a chance to verify it yet (or maybe we are just misinterpreting the fractured sentence), but the nice folks at are claiming "We ship all orders for your Mitsubishi 3000GT Repair Manual for FREE on all orders over $50.00. If you canít find the Mitsubishi Repair Manual you need in our Mitsubishi automotive parts online catalog, please call toll-free at 1-888-267-1845."  We'll leave it to you folks to check them out and get back to us.

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    "Service Adjustment Pages":

Team3S member Kevin Clark (New Zealand) has almost a dozen of the important parts of the manual on this page, and links to a half-dozen more items from the manual.  You'll also find Recalls and TSB's, and links to other great sites there, too.  Nice job, Kevin!


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Thanks to Team3S member Jeff Lucius for his contribution of the complete Stealth Technical Information Manual (S.T.I.M.).  This has got to be one of the rarest of the 3S manuals!  Well done, Jeff!  Do yourselves a favor and visit Jeff's website!


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