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F. A. Q. :  Changing the Fuel Filter

"How-To": 2000-2003 Erik Gross

These instructions apply to a 1995 NA DOHC 3000GT
but are easily transferable to any model/year or 3000GT or Stealth.

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View of Fuel Filter from Above Fuel Filter Assembly Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate the elusive 3/S fuel filter (left), disconnect and remove it from the vehicle, and install a replacement filter. You should not be particularly fond of the skin on your knuckles, as you will most likely lose some of it.

The fuel filter, when disassembled, looks like the picture on the right.

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Things you'll need:

(1) New Fuel Filter (MB658136 - $25.00)
(2) 3/4 inch Wrenches (19mm will also work)
(1) Socket Wrench (speed wrench is nice)
Misc. small metric sockets (8mm, 10m, 12mm, etc)
Shop towels to absorb any fuel that leaks/sprays out
Safety Goggles
Latex Gloves (if you don't like your hands smelling like gasoline)

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The Procedure:

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1.  Remove Residual Pressure from Fuel Lines (Optional)

Some would say this is an optional step - I've done it both ways without incident. It's definitely safer to take the extra time to do this step.

Remove the fuel pump access panel in the trunk (right-hand side of spare tire). It has four screws and simply lifts up.
Disconnect the fuel pump wire harness connector.
Start the engine and after it stops by itself, turn the key off.
Reconnect the fuel pump wire harness connector.
Reinstall fuel pump access panel.

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2.  Remove the Battery Terminal Connections and the Battery Tie-down Bar

Remove the Battery Connections
Remove the wire connections and place the wires out of the way.  Completely remove the battery tie-down bar so that the battery can be removed.

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3.  Remove Battery

Remove Battery
Carefully lift the battery out of the car and place it in a safe place out of the way.

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4.  Remove Battery Tray and Washer Fluid Reservoir

Remove Battery Tray
Remove the four bolts at the corners of the battery tray so that you can lift it out of the way. You may leave the two more central bolts attached as they attach the washer fluid reservoir to the battery tray. See previous picture for bolt locations. As you will see, the washer fluid reservoir has hoses attached to it, so if you want to save some time, simply place the washer fluid reservoir and battery tray assembly out of the way. Be careful not to scratch the paint on your fender if you do this! You will now be able to see the fuel filter on the firewall behind where the battery was.

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5.  Remove the Intake Pipe

Remove Intake Pipe
You may be able to change the fuel filter without this step, but you'll value any extra working space you can get! You only need to remove the portion of the pipe that extends from the throttle body to the first joint (near the MAS). For turbo cars, I believe you'd be removing the y-pipe instead of the pictured pipe. Be sure to remove the PCV hose when you remove the pipe (it's the little 3/8" ID hose that goes from the rear valve cover to the nipple on the intake pipe).

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6.  Remove Lower Fuel Pipe Connection

Remove Lower Fuel Connection
The service manual says to remove the "U" shaped pipe that turns the fuel line around when it leaves the filter(toward the front of the car) and heads back toward the main fuel line. I could not loosen that fitting for the life of me. I ended up removing the bottom bolt on the fuel filter without removing the pipe, just had to be careful not to lose the gaskets.
Have your safety goggles on at this point, and place some shop towels around/below the filter so that any gasoline that sprays/leaks out will not go everywhere.
This is where the fun starts! Be sure you're turning the bolt the correct way (remember, it's upside down). You'll need two wrenches (3/4") If you don't have two 3/4" wrenches, a 19mm and a 3/4" will work. Use the closed end on the bolt and grab the neck of the fuel filter with the open end of the other wrench. There's no room for a breaker bar in there, so you make sure you ate your Wheaties this morning. You will probably bleed after this step... and don't lose those 2 metal gaskets that go around the fuel connection!

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7.  Remove Upper Fuel Pipe Connection

Remove Upper Fuel Connection
When you've made it this far, it's all downhill from here. Thankfully, the upper connection is much easier than the lower one! Remove the upper fuel connection the same way you did the lower one, and remember those gaskets!

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8.  Remove the Fuel Filter

Remove Fuel Filter
Remove the two bolts that hold the fuel filter bracket to the firewall. After they are removed, the you will be able to remove the filter (finally!)

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9.  Remove Rubber Grommets from Old Filter

Remove the rubber grommets and the metal inserts (see fuel filter picture at top) from the old filter bracket.

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10.  Repeat the Previous Steps in Reverse Order (to install new filter)

Remember the gaskets that surround the fuel fittings at the top and bottom of the filter.

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11.  Clean Up Any Mess You Made

Make sure you wipe up any gasoline that dripped under the car.

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12.  Start the Car

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13.  Check For Fuel Leaks

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