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FAQ: The Settings for the ECS

The Basics of the Electronically Controlled Suspension...

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Sport Mode:

When in Sport mode selected the suspension is set at Hard. The damping force can be checked by simply bouncing the mounting points in both modes and checking that the damping force is harder in the Sport state.

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Tour Mode:

When in Tour mode the following Control Functions are active:

    Anti-Roll:   If the steering wheel is rotated 90 degrees within 0.3 seconds then the suspension is set at Medium. If this change occurs within 0.2 seconds then it is set at Hard.

    Anti-Dive:   If the speed of the vehicle drops quickly during braking then the suspension is set at Hard.

    Anti-Squat:   The suspension will harden at low speeds when accelerating quickly. During hard acceleration at 30km/h the suspension is set at Hard, at 60km/h it is set at Medium, at 90km/h it is set at Soft. At all speeds suspension will change to Medium after a second of acceleration.

    High Speed Sensitive:   When accelerating the suspension will change from Soft to Medium at 130km/h and will revert back to soft when the speed drops below 120km/h.

    Pitching and Bouncing:   If the vehicle's body bounces up and down by approx 5cm within a second then the suspension is set at Hard until this motion ceases.

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