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FAQ:  E-Brake Adjustment

A Quick Q & A
on Adjustment
Of the Emergency Brake

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From a recent Team3S List discussion... :

Q.>>>:   I just converted my '92 TT's rear brake calipers to '94+ beefier ones.. everything is good except one side effect --: my hand brakes are very loose now.. even when tightened all the way.

I am told that its because the '94+ rotors are larger in diameter (even in the hub arear), and my '92 drum brakes are a bit too small to get full contact.

Will the '94+ drum brakes fit over a '92 (hub)?? Is there any other way to adjust the E-brake? Or do I need to get a new set of '92s and hope it makes better contact?

Thanks in advance for your help!

---George Kuo

A.>>>:   I've got this one...:

Under your center console, there is yet another adjustment in the e-brake cable. A couple of turns here, and you will be set. Remove the center console, (the part with the hinged door). There is probably a total of 6 (or so) screws. Once you do this - you will see an adjustment for the e-brake. I had the same problem - they had no more adjustment at the brake, but inside the car, there was enough adjustment left to lock the rears entirely if I wanted to...

---Cody Graham

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