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FAQ:  Getrag Transfer Case
How the Internals Should NOT Look!

Information by Dave Monarchi

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Nice groove in the perimeter of the opening...
Can't tell what caused that, but it doesn't exactly look to be within spec...
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Hmm..  what's wrong with these "roller" bearings?
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Oh yeah...  roller...  meaning they roll... which means they're supposed to be round right?  And, uh, aren't they supposed to have a cage around them?  I'm not sure, but I think that ring is the only thing left of it.  Other than some very small bits of metal, the ring was the only large piece left other than the bearings...  

For comparison, look at the "good" bearings still on the shaft.
Good Bearings, 39k JPG

Cool...  square bearings...
I think this transfer case came off of Fred Flintstone's car!
Square Bearings, 15k JPG

See the darker color in the center of the cover with the lettering?   Normally that lettering goes all the way to the edge, but I had the rest custom-milled down about 2 millimeters around the center to save weight...   just kidding...

Square Bearings, 27k JPG

Can you say FUBAR???
Square Bearings, 25k JPG

Now here's the amazing part... 
I drove the car to the shop!

Other than whining pretty loudly at about 40mph+, it gave absolutely no indication of the ugliness lurking inside waiting to self destruct...  I believe this happened from lack of lubrication (DUH!) as I noticed the bottom of the transfer case was wet from leaking...  So, what do you care?  Well, it may happen to you if you don't pay attention to these obvious signs!  ;-)

Anybody got a spare transfer case?  cheap? 

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