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Installing the Apexi AVC-R

Information by Ken Middaugh

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I have recently received and installed the new Apexi AVC-R.  I thought I'd pass along some tips for those of you who might be doing this yourself.  Most of these ideas I've 'gleaned' after the install, so not all have actually been performed.  These tips are in addition to the installation instructions.  I won't be repeating the manual, just adding my suggestions.

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The Apexi AVC-R is a beautiful piece of electronics and the kit is fairly complete and well packaged.  However, before you begin the installation, you may want to pick up the following items:


     8.5" or longer tie wraps
     2 brass hose barbs, 1/8 npt x 1/8, OR 1/8 npt x 3/16
     2 brass 90 degree elbows, 1/8 npt female x 1/8 npt female
     Teflon tape
     2 small 1/2" or 3/4" self tapping machine screws or sheet metal screws
     1 small 2 position toggle switch
     a few feet of small gauge wire, 16-20 AWG should be OK
     a few more crimp on electrical connectors like those supplied in the kit

I bought a package of 100 8.5" tie wraps for $3 from Home Depot's electrical dept.  I bought the brass fittings from True Value/Ace Hardware for about $1.25 apiece.  I haven't installed these yet so I'm not sure if the 1/8 OR 3/16 hose barb is better.


PRESSURE SENSOR -- Use the 2 small screws to mount the pressure sensor on the firewall.  I mounted mine across from the plenum.  I found space toward the brake booster.  Luckily, when I last changed my plugs, I had tapped the plenum (See Bob Fontana's web pages) and installed an extra hose barb so I didn't have to tee into another line.

SOLENOID -- A great place to mount the solenoid is too zip tie it to the windshield washer fluid bottle fill neck, right under the Y-pipe fitting.  This will keep the hoses very short and is also great for noise isolation.  Use the supplied rubber mounting block and the tie wraps.

DISPLAY -- Use the supplied bracket.  The display is big so it is hard to find a place for it.  I used the supplied sticky tape to mount the display to the bracket, then slipped the bracket into the air-vent right below the factory boost gauge.  You can slip it into the top or bottom of the air-vent.  Open the glove box and tuck the wire under the carpet.


Connect the purple wire of the harness to the common pole of the toggle switch. Connect the "A" pole to the RPM wire, then connect the "B" pole to the injector wire.  This will allow you to use the RPM connection normally, for learning and proper display.  You can flip the switch when you want to monitor IDC.


The fittings supplied with the Apexi solenoid are way too big for our hoses. Instead of using the reducers, you can replace the supplied brass hose barbs with 1/8 npt x 1/8 or 1/8 npt x 3/16.  Use the 90 degree fittings so you can point the barbs toward their destination and avoid bends and excessive length in the hoses.  Be sure to wrap the threads with teflon tape.


There are so many settings that the first reading of the manual is very confusing.  The key here is to perform the settings in the order described in the flow charts on page 8 and pages 20-21.

Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask questions. --- Ken Middaugh

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