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How To Set Up Outlook Express Filters

Set-Up Procedure for Automatically sending
ALL of your Team3S incoming mail into a special folder.

Note:   These instructions are specifically for MS Outlook Express 6,
but are basically the same for ALL versions of Outlook Express.

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All versions of Outlook Express have a feature known as "Message Rules", whereby you may automatically send any incoming mail into a specific folder as it is being received.  It never reaches your "Inbox"; it is directed into a folder of your choosing.  Message Rules can do other things, too, such as completely deleting emails or sending automatic reply messages to specific emails which come into your mailbox...  But for our purposes, we are just going to show you how to direct any email from the Team3S List (or personal replies to messages you've sent to the list) into an unique Team3S folder.

Before creating a Message Rule to do this, you must create a new Team3S folder.  If you wish to place the folder near the beginning of your folder list, you may use a name which begins with a character that comes before the letter "A".  You could use a number or a space, but the usual character of choice is an exclamation point.  Go up to the menu bar and click "File...Folder...New".  When the "Create Folder" dialog box pops up, click to highlight "Local Folders", then enter the name you've chosen for your Team3S mail folder in the box at the top where it says, "Folder name:".  In this case (as shown below), we've chosen "! Team3S", to place the new folder right after the Drafts folder.  Click OK to accept the name you've chosen and dismiss the dialog box; the new folder will appear in your Local Folders List.

Create Folder Window

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Directing Team3S List Email into the new Team3S folder

(Make sure that NO messages are open)

    1.  Up on the tool bar:  Go to Tools > Message Rules > Mail...

    2.  The Message Rules dialog box will open...  Click the "New" Button.

    3.  You will see this dialog box for creating a New Mail Rule:

New Mail Rule 1

Team3S List email has an unique Subject line, which reads either:
"Team3S: [subject, etc...]"  or  "Re: Team3S: [subject, etc...]"
Under Item 1, "Select the Conditions for your rule:", select the box next to the second item in the list, which reads "Where the Subject line contains specific words".  As soon as you check that box, Item 3 (Rule Description) will change, with a new line which reads, "Where the Subject line contains specific words".  The New Mail Rule dialog now looks like this:

New Mail Rule 2

    4.  Click the hyperlink in that line which reads, "contains specific words".  A new dialog box will pop up which looks like this:

Type Specific Words dialog

The word Team3S: has alread been typed in, and the "Add" button was clicked;  the second entry, Re: Team3S: has already been typed in, but the Add button has not yet been pressed.  Press the "Add" button, then click OK to dismiss the dialog box.  This will complete the entry process for "Selecting the Conditions" for the Rule.  The dialog box now looks like this:

New Mail Rule 3

    5.  Now it's time to "Select the Actions for your rule", which will be, obviously, to select the box in the Actions section which reads, "Move it to the specified folder"  The New Mail Rule dialog now looks like this:

New Mail Rule 4

When you click the "specified" hyperlink in the Rule Description panel, a screen will come up which looks exactly like your Local Folders directory in Outlook Express.  Simply click to select the new ! Team3S folder, then click OK.

    6.  That's IT - you're DONE!  You've created a filter which will divert all Team3S List email directly into the ! Team3S folder.  The final screen will look as below.  Check your enties in the dialog box, and once you click OK to dismiss the box, the filter will be in place.  Now that you know how to do it, you'll find many more uses for the Message Rules feature in Outlook Express!

New Mail Rule 5

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