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FAQ:  Get Rid of Air Conditioner Odors

A Quick Fix

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From a recent Team3S List discussion... :

Q.>>>:   We took a long weekend off at a resort about a month ago.  The valet parkers must have left it out in the rain for all 3 days because it had a bad mildew smell when we drove home that we now can't get rid of.  I bought granules called DAMP-RID, but that didn't work.  I sprayed all around with something to fight mildew, didn't work.  There must be a leak somewhere, but we can't find it.  Any suggestions on how to get rid of the smell?

Thanks in advance for your help!


A.>>>:   Usually, the following does the trick to get rid of AC odors:

1) Put some water and some chlorine into a spray bottle.  I like Clorox lemon scent.  :-)

2) Open the doors & windows.

3) With car running, turn on AC, set to outside air mode.

4) Spray into air intake vents by the windshield wipers.

5) Switch air recycle mode.

6) Spray into air intakes by footwells.

The chlorine smell is pretty strong for a few days, but the mold & mildew smell should be eliminated.

Good luck!

---Ken Middaugh

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