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FAQ:  The Making of a 1000HP  VR-4

Article by Arty Shevack

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How to build a 1000 horsepower 3000GT VR-4.  This is a project that has been developing for a couple of years.  The latest is that we tried to have things ready for the July 2001 DSM Shootout, but we were unable to run, unfortunately.  This was due to the fact that a lifter had to be remade and a pipe piece never arrived in time to get the car ready.  Here are some pictures of the install so far...  I'll add captions and info as the project progresses.

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Turbo Header

Notice how each header goes all the way to the turbo before merging
to a collector pipe.  It's a lot more cost and effort to do it this way.

Turbo Pipes

Turbo Pipes 2

Notice the big hole under the nose of the rear turbo.  This is where
the 60mm racing wastegate sits when atached.  One for each turbo.

Comp Wheels

Notice that the mass air unit, battery, etc., are all relocated, as
these two hooters will sit under the stock hood.  I can move the
wheels with my breath, just by whispering, "Ball Bearings".

Fuel Cell
You can see part of the roll cage and metal fabrication that
was needed to do this setup.  I can't see out the rear
window over the metal barrier anymore.

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Garrett 3037 Turbo

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Latest Photos

DSM Shootout - 1
Photos by Joe Gonsowski.

DSM Shootout - 2
I wish there were better photos of the outside front-mount
intercooler "Triple Core thick" & the new custom radiator, too.

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